Manifesting my vision for more than 30 years…

Edward Breathitt was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, the son of former Kentucky Governor Edward T Breathitt Jr. 1963-1967, a civil rights activist who worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President John F. Kennedy. Breathitt completed his BA from American University Washington DC. His major focus is Monumental Bronze representational art with an emphasis on classical realism. When Breathitt was living in Washington DC he made frequent trips to the National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery of Art, and the numerous monuments placed throughout the city studying the works of Daniel Chester French, Joe Davidson, Lorado Taft, Sir Francis Chantrey and August Rodin. The key component that fascinated him in viewing the work of these classical Masters was the element of life force captured in their work. He observed that many works were technically accurate yet they did not carry the spark of life that gave them energy and magnetism. It became his mission as an artist to capture this life-force in his work. Breathitt has completed many public and private commissions in Bronze as well as a collection of limited edition Bronze sculptures. In 2000-2001 he was invited to teach at Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky. Having established himself in India, Breathitt has now launched a successful studio and foundry in New Delhi Where he has completed numerous works including a 25 foot Bronze Monument of the Honorable Janeshwar Mishra in Lucknow and a fifty-foot Bronze statue of Lord Krishna.

Detailing with Standards

Fine art deserves fine finishing and it’s never complete without a final touch. Every project will be given close attention to detail, delivering an in-depth insightful viewer experience.

Inspiration . Imagination . Implementation

It matters not the scale or budget of your project. Even a miniature design will deserve as much detail and attention as a 90-foot monumental work.